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The only program that gives you the step-by-step, proven system you need to attract paying clients, on demand, WITHOUT a big launch or Facebook Ads, in 90 days or less, guaranteed.
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5 action-packed and easy to follow modules

The Consistent Client Crash Course is an online program that gives you the step-by-step, proven system you need to attract paying clients, on demand, WITHOUT a big launch or Facebook Ads, in 90 days or less, guaranteed.

Over the course of 5 action-packed and easy to follow modules I’ll lay out for you my exact method for attracting (and closing!) paying clients on-demand, without skipping a single step.

Module 1


Discover what your niche is really willing to pay for (it's not what you think!)

Steal my fail-proof "hack" for coming up with profitable product ideas in a crowded industry

Learn the 3 traits your niche MUST have if you want them to buy from you (this is alone is the biggest reason new entrepreneurs don't make sales)

Discover the secret to coming up with products and services that are guaranteed to sell (no more guessing!)

Find out if you're offering the wrong product or service and learn how to fix it ASAP

Module 2


Create a signature service or program that sells on autopilot, all the time, allowing you to get off the hamster wheel of constantly creating and launching new products

Discover how to turn your audience into an army of repeat clients that buy from you over and over again

Learn how to structure your offers not just for maximum sales but maximum testimonials (which leads to more sales!)

Steal my stress-free tools, tips, and tricks for creating your course or program quickly

Discover how to free yourself from one-on-one work while getting your clients even better results - whether you enroll 5 or 500 clients, this system allows you to serve them all!

Module 3


Learn the right way to leverage social media and free content to market your business and attract clients

Find out how to come up with content topics for any social media platform weeks, months, and even a year in advance

Learn the in-depth strategies for finding topics your ideal client is actively searching for which makes it easier for your content to get found (and for you to make the sale!)

Discover the secret Instagram hashtag strategy used by all top influencers as well as the best hashtag research tool (hint: it's not copying your competitor's hashtags)

Learn the 7 types of posts every entrepreneur should be using on Instagram to grow their business

Module 4


Build a system that works 24/7/365 to bring potential clients to you who are primed and ready to buy, without you having to search for them

Learn the secrets to getting clients to say "yes!" right now instead of "I need time to think about it" (and how to follow up like a pro to prevent those who said "yes!" from ghosting you)

Discover the NO FAIL sales formula for closing as high as 60% of your sales over the phone (EVERY client who has followed my discovery call format has IMMEDIATELY made more sales - this information is worth $5,000 alone)

Discover which freebies actually lead to sales and which ones are just a waste of time

Steal my done-for-you sales funnel templates that you can import directly into your email software like ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign

Module 5


Learn how to optimize your entire social media presence so when someone lands on your profiles, they immediately download your freebie or book a call

Learn how to use hashtags the right way to get new followers and clients on autopilot

Steal my secret "cherry picking" strategy to get more clients on-demand, whenever you want, even if you have a small account (hint: you can do this with potential clients who aren't even following you!)

Discover how to get NEW clients out of your OLD email list without launching, hosting a webinar, or doing anything other than sending a simple email

Learn how to leverage Instagram Stories to get new clients and followers without doing any extra work


Bonus 1

Pre-written emails
$1,997 Value

If you already use an email autoresponder like ConvertKit, Mailchimp, or ActiveCampaign, you can do this system! To make it even easier, I'm giving you my collection of pre-written email templates! Just copy and paste - I've done the hard work for you!

Yes! In this bonus I'm GIVING YOU my collection of pre-written emails, which will:

• Instantly build the relationship with your new subscribers so they look forward to every email you send
• Demonstrate your expertise right away, which will help your target market "know, like, and trust" you faster
• Automatically build a pipeline of ideal clients who can't wait to work with you!

Bonus 2

Pales page template
$2,500 Value

One of the most time-consuming parts of running an online business is writing and designing sales pages!
If you decide to do it yourself, it will literally take you days to finish. But if you want someone else to do it, you'll end up paying thousands of dollars for BOTH a web designer and a copywriter!

Yes! In this bonus I'm GIVING YOU my personal sales page template, which means you’ll get:

• My "plug-and-play" sales page template that you can set up in mere minutes
• Easy to understand prompts which means the copywriting is practically done for you!
• A beautiful, persuasive, and most importantly, REUSABLE template you can use over and over again

Bonus 3

Opt-in page template
$1,500 Value

Your "freebie" or "lead magnet" is the first "taste" potential clients get of what you can do for them. However, if your freebie opt-in page is poorly design or badly written, you'll end up scaring would-be clients away...which is why I'm GIVING YOU my high-converting opt-in page template!

Yes! In this bonus I'm GIVING YOU my *actual* freebie opt-in page template, which means you’ll get:

• A high converting opt-in page you can use to grow your list
• Done for you design and copy - all you have to do is swap in your own text!
• A reusable yet easy-to-tweak template you can use for all your freebies

Bonus 4

Livestream script
$1,000 Value

By now, you know that livestreaming is an amazing tool to grow your audience and to make sales. That said, if you're like most entrepreneurs, you don't know what exactly to say on your livestreams (or even how long they should be!) to make more sales. That's why I'm giving you my fool-proof livestream sales script.

Yes! In this bonus, I'm giving you the word-for-word script of what to say on your livestreams, which means you'll:

• Know how to structure your livestreams the right way for more followers and more sales
• Be able to attract high end clients right from social media
• Be able to create value packed content you can repurpose into social media posts and freebies to attract even more sales!

Bonus 5

Facebook ads training
$500 Value

While you don't NEED Facebook ads for this system to work - you can be quite successful without them - I recognize that you may want to use Facebook ads here and there to "pour gasoline on the fire."
To ensure you run Facebook ads the right way, I've create a brand new training (relevant for 2020).

Yes! With this bonus I'm showing you exactly how I run my own ads, which means you’ll learn:

• The easiest - and cheapest - way to run ads for more followers, subscribers, and sales.
• How to run highly effective ads for as low as $5
• How to maintain your ads yourself without needing to hire an expensive Facebook Ads manager
I’ve packed a lot into Consistent Client Crash Course because not only do I want you to learn how to attract clients and make sales consistently, but I want to guarantee that you don’t fail.

That’s right: If you follow all the steps in this course and don't gain at least one client from this system within 1 year of purchasing this course, then I will completely refund your money. That's how confident I am that this system WORKS.


Previously, I would only share this with you if you hired me 1-on-1 or joined one of my high-ticket coaching programs.

But because I want women everywhere to truly "have it all," I decided to find a way to make this information more widely available.

As women we have A LOT on our plates. From taking care of our kids, our spouse, and our household, it's extremely difficult to "balance it all" if there's no "wiggle room" in your finances and schedule.

The truth is, Corporate America was not designed to help women achieve balance or build wealth. If you want time and financial freedom, you have to create it yourself.
That's why, for the first time, I'm making this closely guarded information available in my brand new course.

"Hi Courtney, I just want I tell you that I am loving [The No Excuses Challenge]! It has made a big difference already and your emails are so insightful and an easy read. Thank you!"

Janet D
The Package Student

"Hi Courtney, I just want I tell you that I am loving [The No Excuses Challenge]! It has made a big difference already and your emails are so insightful and an easy read. Thank you!"

Janet D
The Package Student

"Hi Courtney, I just want I tell you that I am loving [The No Excuses Challenge]! It has made a big difference already and your emails are so insightful and an easy read. Thank you!"

Janet D
The Package Student
Get Lifetime Access | $2,499 $2,000
Get $7,497 worth of bonuses with every purchase
Want to "Buy Now, Pay Later" for 0% interest or for up to 24 months? Click here!


You're ready to build a system that allows you to make sales all the time, whenever you want, without having to do a big launch or run a ton of paid ads (unless you want to!)
You're an industry expert or up-and-coming coach who is genuinely good at what you do (you just want to get paid consistently to do it!)
You've gotten started with your business but you struggle with imposter syndrome because your sales are SO inconsistent (when you sell at all 😬)
You've listened to all the podcasts and webinars and even took some classes...but you know you're still missing steps
You're willing to spend the time and effort ONE TIME to setup a system that will bring you clients for a lifetime


You're obsessed with "getting a ton of followers" because you think your social media following alone will magically turn into to sales (hint: it won't without this system)
You don't have ANY expertise you can teach or sell to others and you jump from course to course because you don't want to face that fact  👀
You haven't started your business yet, have NO idea what you'd sell, and don't even have a name or social media account set up
You think you know everything and are convinced NO ONE can teach you anything new to get consistent sales (if that were true, then why are you here??? 🤔)
You're looking for a "quick fix" and give up on anything that requires you to put in real work


More Sales

I know everyone says this but I mean it because that's exactly what this system did for me and so many of my clients. I'm going to keep it 💯 - there are literally THOUSANDS of ways to make an income online. What the "gurus" of other systems don't tell you, however, is that those methods are often expensive (*ahem* Facebook Ads) and require pricey tools your business may not be ready for, all of which eat into your profits.

What's unique about the Consistent Client Crash Course is that it shows you how to build a powerful yet simple system. With just a few basic tools, you can build out this entire systems in a few weeks and begin earning consistent revenue every month. This not only provides financial "breathing room" in your personal life, but it provides financial "breathing room" in your business too. With this system in place, your business will finally have the capital to reinvest in bigger projects should you choose to.

More Time

Not only will the Consistent Client Crash Course give you financial freedom but it will give you time freedom too! The system this course teaches does this in two ways:

1By increasing your PROFIT (not just revenue), this system will MORE than allow you to "buy back" your time by hiring business and domestic help (hello housekeeper!)

2By decreasing your workload, this system automatically brings potential clients TO YOU. The only work you'll have to do is (1) post your normal content and (2) process your new clients' payment information!

More Control

The skills taught in the Consistent Client Crash Course are a lot like riding a bike - once you learn it, you know it forever.

In the 4 years I've been a full-time entrepreneur, I've felt free to experiment in my business and try new things because at the end of the day, I know I can always fall back on the system that WORKS, even when nothing else does.

No matter what happens, you'll always know how to get clients whenever you want. And no one can take that knowledge away from you.


Even though I started making money in my business in 2015, I wasn't able to quit my job until late 2016. Why?
My sales weren't consistent!

Up until that point, I had a lot of success running promotions, but when I wasn't launching, I also wasn't making sales.

On top of that, launching all the time was exhausting. Because I had a full-time job (and a whole husband at home who wanted attention) I was getting up at 5, 4, sometimes 3:30am just to get everything done before work! I knew there had to be a better way!

After letting go of my pride and admitting that I didn't know everything, I paid $5,000 to a coach who "put me up on game."

Within 3 weeks of implementing this entire system, I made $30,000 and had a waitlist for my services. I gave my job my 2 weeks notice and I haven't looked back!


Imagine a year from today when you’ve built this client attraction system, and you're finally generating the sales that allows you to travel abroad, start investing, build generational wealth, or just spend a little extra on yourself!

Imagine watching your financial stress melt away – all because you know how to bring in income without waiting on a promotion from your job. In fact you’ll actually be able to achieve financial freedom faster with all the extra revenue streams you'll create!

That’s the power of building a client attraction system and that’s what I teach inside of the Consistent Client Crash Course!

You can do this – I’m proof that it’s possible and I’m here to coach you every step of the way!

Ready to become a client magnet?


The Consistent Client Crash Course is the only step-by-step program that will help you attract paying clients on demand, WITHOUT a big launch or Facebook Ads, even if you have a small following!
All 5 core Consistent Client Crash Course modules with hours of in-depth step-by-step training ($5,000 value)
BONUS #1: My pre-written, copy and paste email templates which will help you automatically build a pipeline of ideal, PAYING clients ($1,997 value)
BONUS #2: My done-For-You sales page template you can set up in mere minutes and reuse over and over again, saving you the need to hire expensive copywriters and graphic designers ($2,500 value)
BONUS #3: My high-converting, done-for-you freebie opt-in page template that you can use for ALL your freebies to grow your email list - all you have to do is swap in your own text! ($1,500 value)
BONUS #4: My fool-proof, word-for-word livestream sales script that you can use to attract clients on social media, on-demand! ($1,000 value)
BONUS #5: My highly effective, yet easy to follow Facebook Ads training that shows you the EXACT type of ads to run when you're ready to "add gasoline to the fire"! ($500 value)
Get Lifetime Access | $2,499 $2,000
Get $7,497 worth of bonuses with every purchase
Want to "Buy Now, Pay Later" for 0% interest or for up to 24 months? Click here!

Frequently Asked


I won’t lie and say there’s no work in getting started - you’ll definitely have to put in work when you’re just getting started, and the amount of work varies depending on where you're starting from. The great thing about this course, however, is that you're building a system that, once finished, will do most of the heavy lifting for you.

Part of the reason you feel so exhausted right now is because you're running around trying to do “all the things.” I can tell you from personal experience that you'll need to do less things in your business once you start doing the right things.

With the Consistent Client Crash Course, you'll learn the exact system I and the vast majority of successful online entrepreneurs use to consistently land clients on-demand...and nothing else. So while I estimate you’ll want to devote at least 30-60 minutes a day on setting everything up, the time and effort required is a lot less than you think.


One of the main reasons I decided to teach this course is because I got tired of seeing brand new business owners blow their entire budgets on expensive tools, tech, and advertising they honestly didn't need.

When I first got started, I used free and low-cost tools to attract clients consistently and I will teach you to do the same. Most of the tools you’ll need to get started, if they aren’t free, are less than $50. So skip a mani/pedi or two and you’ll have all the money you need to get started!


Many programs you see online or on Instagram focus on trendy marketing tactics that won’t work once everyone starts doing them, or when the trend shifts. Others are super complex and require a ton of technical skills.

This course is different because it's built on a timeless system that has stood the test of time (since 2016 for me!) and works regardless of your niche or preferred social media platform. Best of all, this course is designed to get you results WITHOUT having to spend a ton of money on Facebook ads, in 90 days or less.

I've worked with clients in every type of industry and the system has always worked for them, as long as they followed the steps exactly. Not only that, many of my clients have gone one to build multi-6-figure businesses of their own, all from applying the same information I'm now offering in the Consistent Client Crash Course.


It’s true that the internet has made it possible for more and more people to become entrepreneurs and the number of people doing so will only continue to grow.

Thus, the real question isn’t “is it too late?” but rather “why not me?!?”

Why not you?! This year alone, thousands of people will become entrepreneurs and successfully attract paying clients online. Why would you let fear keep you from becoming one of them? There may be more entrepreneurs than in the past but there’s also more customers. Don’t you deserve to get a slice of that pie?