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Now. Not to get all up in ya’ business (I know we just met) BUT

…Tell me if any of this rings true for you:

  • You would LOVE to start your own business or at least lead a rewarding, successful career. You imagine yourself working in your own gorgeous, light-filled office; dressed in NON-corporate, fly-girl chic clothes; with enough money in the bank to make smart investments, travel overseas, and of course…go out to fancy brunches every week with your girlfriends. (Hey, a girl’s gotta know her priorities, right?)
  • You KNOW God has an amazing purpose for your life and you desperately want to walk in it. You see yourself making a big impact in the world, doing amazing work that genuinely helps others and makes you feel like, “Yes! This is what I was born to do!!!”


  • You’re feeling a little stuck in life, you’re not quite sure why, and it’s starting to stress you out. A lot.
  • You’ve slipped into this weird pattern of feeling on unsure of yourself (where did that even come from???) and now you don’t know what you even want in life anymore. (Which is strange because you were so sure about what you wanted to do just a few years ago. *Sigh*)
  • Not a lot of people know this but you really struggle with procrastination. And self-sabotage. And you really want to stop. But you’ve tried everything and you don’t know how.
  • You also know you could stand to be a little (*ahem*…okay, a lot) better with money but you aren’t sure what more you can do.
  • Basically, you have this nagging feeling that it’s time to get your life together. You said you were going to “take it to the next level” last year but you’re still in the same place this year. (Again, you aren’t sure how that happened…)

Okay, I’m done getting in your business (for now). But was I right or what? (Come on, tell the truth!) You’re probably like, “OMG, how did she know? She must be spying on me! Does she live in my house???”
No, I don’t live in your house. But I have walked in your shoes. If you’re going through any of the above, know that I was going through ALL of it just a few short years ago.
In fact, that’s why I started Think & Grow Chick. In 2009, I made some not-so-smart decisions and found myself drowning in debt, bad grades, and the possibility of not being able to finish my college education. After first spinning my wheels in confusion, self-sabotage, and general “I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing-with-my-life”-ness, I decided enough was enough and I was going to get my act together. The only problem was I didn’t know how.
Shortly after all the “stuff” hit the fan in 2009, I ended up going to a conference where I met a life coach who introduced me to the book, Think & Grow Rich. While I thought the book was kind of wonky at times (it does get a little weird in parts, I’m not gonna lie), there was one part of the book that stopped me dead in my tracks. In a passage in the second chapter, author Napoleon Hill, outlines 6 steps one needed to take in order to “think & grow rich”.
Every week or so, I humbly pounded my little posts out on the keyboard, connecting with my small following and sharing all the amazing new personal development, finance, and entrepreneurship lessons I was learning. As Think & Grow Chick grew, I grew.
And after 3 grueling years, I paid off all my debt, earned a scholarship, got in shape, started a business, and even graduated from college magna cum laude. Impressed by my transformation, more readers began to flock to the site, looking for advice on how I was able to…well, “think and grow”!
Today, I’m completely amazed that my little “blogspot” has grown not only into an international community that reaches over 20,000 women every month but into my very own women’s empowerment business that provides training, coaching, and workshops to ambitious women like you!
I LOVE helping women reach their personal and professional goals! Here’s what just a few of my readers and clients have to say: I simply want to say that I thank God for you! I decided yesterday that I am no longer going to be afraid of my finances and I will no longer let them control me. PLEASE keep doing what you do Courtney. Thank you so much! I just wanted to stop by and thank you. Your website had me fighting to hold some tears back. I am finally (in the process) understanding that God has a purpose for my life. And I have to go to Him and trust him, and he will use me. I am also trying to work on myself and let God build me up, make me into the woman I should be. Your feature just gave me my A-HA moment. It reminded me that making mistakes was okay, that it was in fact great, as long as we LEARN from them. Hey Courtney! Thank you!  I’ve already started to complete your workbook and I must say, it’s helping me get organized. The branding is awesome by the way! Hi Courtney, I just want I tell you that I am loving [The No Excuses Challenge]! It has made a big difference already and your emails are so insightful and an easy read. Thank you!!

As a leading success coach and mentor to millennial women, I 100% believe that no matter what you’ve been through or where you’re going, you CAN make the most of your life and you can start right now. From my books to my live events to my free challenges, I’m all about helping YOU to start taking action toward the life you want. So, let me ask you (uh oh, here I go getting in your business again…):

How will you “think and grow” into YOUR best self?

If you identify with anything I’ve said here and you’re ready to make some new moves, I invite you to join me and become a part of the Think & Grow Chick community today! Just enter your name and email in the form below and you’ll receive access to my private group, book club, and free online classes.


(If you’re a corporate head-honcho who works for an organization that employs and/or serves women who could use a little “thinkin’ and growin”, I invite you to hire me to speak at your next event! Click here for more information.)

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