My April Monthly Goals + Income Report

  Welcome to my Monthly Goal Report! (Formally “The B-Side”) If you’re new, at the beginning of every month, I share my goals for the coming month, how I did ...


Welcome to my Monthly Goal Report! (Formally “The B-Side”) If you’re new, at the beginning of every month, I share my goals for the coming month, how I did with my goals the previous month, and lately, I’ve even been sharing income reports (eek!) as I work to grow my business and take this thing full-time!

And…another one bites the dust.

(Another what you ask?)

Why another quarter of course! It is officially April which means the first quarter of 2016 is GONE! If you’ve messed around up until now, its time to get that boot-ay in gear! 🙂

Get MY booty in gear is exactly what I did in March. I got really disciplined about getting up early, working out, and spending time on my business consistently. Here are my results:


Total Income in March

  1. No Excuses Woman 21-Day Self-Discipline Program: $2,655.91
  2. The Big Goal Breakdown: $1,248.00
  3. Business Coaching: $700
  4. Think & Grow Chick Daily Success System: $614.00
  5. The Get What You Want Workbook: $325.58
  6. Launch Your Life Masterclass: $108

Total Income in March: $5,651.49

This is the first month that I felt like I really hit my stride with my business processes. I spent a lot of time setting up automated sales system (goal from last month) and it really paid off. Hubby and I have had some serious conversations about me leaving my job in a few months, so my focus now is just beating my work salary every month (plus extra for taxes and marketing) from here on out! Let’s get it!

Last Report’s Goals

1. Finish the information page for my new coaching program. Not only did I launch the new sales & marketing program I talked about in my last monthly report, I launched a brand new life coaching program – The Make It Happen Mentorship – for April as well! After speaking with friends, fellow entrepreneurs and my own business coach, I realized I was doing my community and brand a disservice by not offering more ways to work with me one-on-one. I personally love creating and launching digital products (which are great!) but I finally see that for some people to truly get the results they want, they need to go deeper and work with me one-on-one. Or, as a friend put it: “From a truly purpose/spiritual point of view: Courtney – you were SENT here to HELP them. And if you only offer somebody a digital product — and leave them hanging —  you are NOT serving them your greatness.” Ouch! Point taken. 😉

2. Finish building a passive income stream. I also finished building out my sales funnel, which is where the majority of my sales in March came from. In my last report, I talk about the utter importance of having passive revenue systems in your business because I personally experienced a reduction in sales when I wasn’t available for a few weeks to work “in” my business. Sales funnels and other passive systems allow your products and services to be sold on autopilot, even if you get too busy to “launch” a new product, which was the case for me last month.


This Month’s Goals

1. Fill my new mentorship program. I ended up unexpectedly coming up with a new Sales & Marketing program after casually offering some advice to one of my entrepreneurial friends over lunch. She was so elated by everything I taught her off the top of my head – literally, I wrote out an entire marketing funnel for her on the back of napkin – that I realized I should create a formal program to teach other female entrepreneurs the same information. I thought my knowledge about systems, sales, and marketing was common knowledge but according to my friend, it’s not. So I’m really excited to roll out this new program to help female entrepreneurs quickly make sales in their business. If you’re interested, make sure you’re on my email list (just join my accountability group!) as I’ll be sharing more details about it soon.

2. Enroll 2 new clients in my VIP sales and marketing program. In addition to working with people one-on-one for life coaching, I was STRONGLY encouraged by my entrepreneurial friends to start working with entrepreneurs one-on-one to help build out their sales systems. Over the last few weeks, I’ve heard horror stories from several women who have invested in very high-priced coaching programs, only to not make any additional money in their business as a result. The fact that women are literally investing $10K+ in these programs and are still failing to make money is a complete tragedy to me because it doesn’t have to be that way. Apparently the systems I use, though extremely effective, aren’t well-known or taught by most online business coaches. (Who knew?) So after being told I could literally save women’s businesses by sharing this information, I launched a VIP Day program at the end of last month where I work with women to install these systems for their specific business. My goal is to enroll 2 new VIP clients this month. (P.S. – if you’re one of those women who has invested a ton of money with no results and you’d like to learn more about my sales system, you can sign up for a free assessment call by clicking here.)

3. Successfully launch my “life reset” challenge. Now that it’s spring and the first quarter is over, I plan on hosting a new challenge to help everyone “get back in the saddle” with their goals. Many of the women in my audience have said they’re ready for a “reset” so that’s exactly what this challenge will give them! My goal is to successfully launch it this month and have 2,000 women (eek!) join!

4. Get my new bookkeeper all setup. I ended up finding an amazing CPA to do my taxes and bookkeeping last week and I am SO excited about it! I’ve been handling my bookkeeping myself in Wave up until this point but…I hate bookkeeping and there’s definitely more productive things I could be doing with that time. I’m learning to hire professionals to operate in their gift so I have more time to operate in mine. Really looking forward to getting these coins organized! My goal is to give her everything she needs so she can get me squared away this month.

5. Keep up my fitness routine. In the middle of march, I completed my friend Jená Emily Utley’s Elitist 6 program and it was a game-changer! Ya girl is starting to see abs (yesssss….just in time for summer!). I learned so much during that program, including what to eat and how to workout for my goals, so my focus this month is just staying in the routine now that the program is over. I’m often tempted to let my workouts slide when I get really busy but I’m committed to not letting that happen anymore. (Plus…I don’t wanna lose these faint little abs! 😉 )

Current Challenges

Over-complicating things. As a person who is very much into personal development, I’m still surprised when I find myself caught up in limiting beliefs that hold me back. One limiting belief that I’ve recognized is a reoccurring issue is believing that things have to be more “complex” than they do. There are SO many projects I didn’t start because I thought I needed elaborately designed welcome packets and sales pages first. When I finally launched both of my coaching programs last month, I was stunned at the response I got even without having that stuff in place. It got be thinking, “Well dang! What else am I over-complicating???”

Now that I’m aware of it, I literally catch myself slipping into “Oh yeah, I’ll do that when I get [insert overly complex and unnecessary excuse] first.” I have to tell myself, “No Courtney, you don’t need all that, you can do it now.” It’s still a struggle because I have perfectionist tendencies but I’m working on it!

Current Successes/What’s Working

Having a profitable sales funnel. I’ve already waxed poetically enough about the power of an effective sales funnel but if you don’t have one, build one ASAP. It truly frees you up to invest more time and revenue into other areas of your business, which then generates more sales. Furthermore, having an automatically pipeline for new audience members to take you up on your products often leads to them wanting to work with you one-on-one, which I’m already experiencing this month.

Growing my Instagram following. Instagram is such an amazing platform! It’s so funny – when I first got on, I was self-conscious about posting because I’m not good at photography. So for about a year, Instagram was just a place for me to look at everyone’s photos. At the beginning of the year, I made a concerted effort to grow my instagram following and it’s really paid off. More people organically find out about my brand from Instagram than with any other platform. So I will continue to post regularly!

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Were you looking for The B-side? It’s here but…revamped. After much consideration, I’ve decide to combine The B-Side into my Think & Grow Chick Accountability Group. With the recent growth of the Accountability Group (as of this post we have over 2,500 members!) and the fact that we post our goals in there as well, I felt like it just made sense to combine the groups. Also, as I’ve continued to do these B-Side post, I’ve realized more and more that my business goals are inter-related with my personal goals. I was starting to feel kinda stifled only reporting on my business goals, so now these “Monthly Goals Reports” will reflect both my personal and business related goals!

Your Turn!

Accountability Group Rules

      • Share your goals, challenges and successes in the comments.
      • The goal of these reports is to be transparent and support each other, so be sure to read all the comments and check out all the participating blogs and businesses! If you have something to offer, leave a comment and help each other out!
      • If you are a blogger, feel free to create a post sharing your goals, challenges, and successes (via the format above) on your blog and link back here.

Accountability Group Facebook Group

Be sure to join the Think & Grow Chick Accountability Group! Since these Goals Reports will come out monthly, this women-only Facebook group will serve as a “hub” for us to ask questions, share what we have going on, and generally connect with each other on a day-to-day basis. You can join now by entering your info below:


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