How To Create Your Own Opportunities

Hey, hey, hey, Think and Grow Chicks and Think and Grow Bros! Welcome to another Think and Grow Chick podcast. This is my first episode since coming off maternity leave. ...

Hey, hey, hey, Think and Grow Chicks and Think and Grow Bros! Welcome to another Think and Grow Chick podcast. This is my first episode since coming off maternity leave. Yes, Think and Grow Chick is now a Think and Grow Mama with a Think and Grow Baby.

I felt that this topic was fitting because I did this Instagram live stream while bouncing on a bouncy ball to put my son to sleep.  As you can see, it was funny because it was a real-life moment of what it looks like to be a mompreneur now, having less time than I used to. I have to multitask, and sometimes having my son around. So I felt that I was only fitting to make this the inaugural coming off maternity leave, recording while in the throes of managing my new mommyhood.

What About Me?

I wanted to talk all about how to get the opportunities that you’ve been dying for that you see other people getting.  You’re kind of jealous about it or you’re thinking, “What about me, right?” We can call it WAM, W-A-M, what about me?

If you’ve ever been in a position where you’re looking at everyone else and you’re asking yourself,  “Why are they killing it right now? Why are they being successful? What about me? When is it going to be my turn?”

You need to listen to this podcast/live stream audio because it’ll get you right.



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Notes from the Podcast:

3 Tips on How  to Create Your Own Opportunities:

  1. Do the work.

Sometimes people really want opportunities, and they’re waiting for things to happen to them, but they haven’t done the work ahead of time. Part of why I’m in a place right now to position myself nationally and to go after these brands and all this stuff is because I’ve been building Think and Grow Chick literally since 2009.

As of August this year, it’ll be nine years since I first started this. Think and Grow Chick started as a blog, check out my very first post. You’ll see that I posted it August of 2009 when I was still in college, writing silly stuff and talking about my dreams with business and personal development and money and a little bit of hair and fashion. I was just trying things out but I continued to work and so now I am at this place where I am at.  This definitely didn’t happen overnight.

Whatever it is that you want and the opportunities that you are going after, you still have to build what you got going on.  Never stop building. You have to put in the work. Don’t get mad when the opportunities aren’t coming your way when you haven’t built anything worthy of it. You always need to be building and having patience.  It took me nine years. I am not saying it needs to take nine years, but I hope that I’ll do this for the rest of my life.

If you’ve ever been to a place where you’re thinking about quitting if it doesn’t pop off in two years, you are already losing. That’s a losing battle. You have to do what it takes until it takes. So, build your stuff or die tryin’, right? There can’t be a time limit on it. You’re building it because you love it, and not necessarily because you want the money or the accolades or whatever, but because you love the work. You love what you’re doing. You feel like this is something that you were called to do and to put out into the world. So do the work.


  1. Look the part.

Looking the part is important. This is something that people don’t talk about much, but it’s true. People try to act like it doesn’t matter, but it does, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. If you’re looking to do some of the things that I’m doing, whether it’s selling products, working with clients, or branching out and doing national things, you got to get your act together.

People want to know that you’re a professional.  If you have an online thing going on, people usually don’t know you. They’re not seeing you in the flesh. They can’t reach out and touch you. So all they have to go by are your online presence, and your online presence needs to look the part.

If you are trying to be the VP at your company, you need to look like a VP. So maybe you need to go shopping or be more buttoned up. But then again, looks changes. If you’re an artist, maybe you need to look artsier. Optics is really important. I don’t necessarily mean you need to have more make-up on or be an attractive person, but you do need to tighten how you present yourself, according to the rules of the environment that you’re in. Looking the part is important.

2. Drop the Act.

By this, I mean dropping the act of not being good enough or being triggered by impostor syndrome, because it is an act at the end of the day. It’s the act that you choose to play. The secret is: these opportunities didn’t come to all the people who have these opportunities.  They created them. You don’t have to be Meghan Markle. Nobody has to crown you anything in order to do whatever it is that you got to do or that you want to do. You just have to decide to do it.

Drop the act that you’re so low, or so little. The people who are out there getting it acted like they deserve it. So just drop the act, do it and be bold. The worst somebody can say is no. Drop the act that you have to wait until a certain time or you have to hit some milestone, this nebulous thing in order to be worthy of the things that you are seeking out.

In the book The Confidence Code, researchers talked about how women will typically apply only to jobs that they meet the criteria 100%. As a woman, we think that we are not going to be hired unless we have all these things. That’s crazy. When creating opportunities for yourself, it is creating opportunities for yourself. It’s your opportunity and not somebody else posting a job.  It’s you deciding that this is what you want and this is what you want to go after. You’re in charge of saying yes or saying no to yourself.

But then we say no to ourselves, even though no one is saying you have to meet XYZ criteria. We just make up criteria in our heads and say no to ourselves. It makes no sense.

Drop the act that you are not good enough. Never say no to yourself.

So, when you find yourself thinking “what about me?”, remember this: do the work, look the part and drop the act. Whatever situation you are in right now, I believe that you can create your own opportunities.






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