How To Make Money Fast

Hello, hello. I am so excited to share this podcast with you. This is going to be an interesting one. Warning, rant alert! But as you’ve seen from the title, ...

Hello, hello. I am so excited to share this podcast with you. This is going to be an interesting one. Warning, rant alert! But as you’ve seen from the title, this is all about how to make money fast because, surprisingly, that is a question that I get a lot.


In general, I am just concerned about the narrative of entrepreneurship, particularly online businesses happening right now. So many people seem to have this question and expectations about making money fast.


You want to know how to make money fast?


Alright, I’ll tell you but you might not like the answer but here we go.


3 Truths About Making Money Fast


  1. You make money fast the same way you become an overnight success.


This means that you need to put in years of work and one day all of your hard work pays off and then the results come quickly. Be in the business for so long that you develop the experience. Most people who you see who made it fast did make it fast, in that moment. But that moment was only possible because of the work that they previously put in.


Making money fast is possible.It’s not going to take you nine years, but I am saying it’s gonna take you more than nine days. Get your expectations in order. If you want to make money fast, you can. There are people, and I’m one of them, that have made a lot of money in a short amount of time. But you have to realize where that comes from and why that’s even possible.


  1.  Truly fast money is unstable money.


There are many people, both online and offline, who are desperate enough to make a ton of money fast without putting in the years of work, and they do it. It’s not impossible. Most of these people are primarily in the internet marketing world and they create these little hacks to “game the system” in order to generate a lot of income quickly.


They do this in two ways:


(1) They create or find some cheap, inconsequential product where the whole goal is not to provide value to anybody, but just to see if they can sell a lot of it in order to make a lot of money.

(2) Pyramid scheming of a coach. A lot of women are sucked into this. Women who are so desperate to make money fast, quit their jobs, spend a lot of money to join some business guru’s 30k in 30-day program, just so they could live the laptop lifestyle and live the life of their dreams. They get into these programs instead of learning actual business principles that are applicable to all types of businesses.


No one is really building a business, because they don’t have any real business experience or knowledge, other than selling 30K in 30 days programs. Just because you have the ability to sell a 30K in 30 day program does not mean you have business experience or knowledge that you can actually help someone who does not want to create a business that way.


I found two issues with this:


(1) You don’t have any real business experience or knowledge.


(2) You end up not having any real differentiating factor than all the other business gurus that are popping up doing the same thing. Nothing is unique or different because people aren’t building businesses off of their unique skills and talents. They’re building businesses to try to make money fast because they want to live a certain lifestyle.


  1.  Fast money comes purely out of ambition, not assignment.


I invited my friend, Ashley Brown of Ashley Empowers to share her story with my clients. She just kept harping over and over about “operate on assignment, not ambition.” Here’s the thing. There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious, but you want to to be ambitious about your purpose. You don’t want to have blind ambition, because that serves no one, and it wears you out.


I find that when you are in the make money fast camp, by default it forces you to a lifetime of grind. Because you’re basically focusing on how you can build an ATM machine, not a real business. So when all the money runs out, and every ATM does,  you’re scrambling for a way to refill it, or to build a new ATM machine. You stay in perpetual hustle mode.


But a business, because it’s based on continuously providing real value to real people, if managed well, will never “run out of cash.” It’s creating value and converting that value into cash perpetually. And if that business is in line with your purpose and what you’re called to do, you’ll begin receiving divine help and providence in the most unexpected ways.


Miraculous things will happen to you that you do not have to work for. But when you operate strictly out of ambition and you ignore your assignment, you’re basically blocking yourself off from divine favor. You will find that everything you do is grind.


The crazy thing is you might even be successful at it. But my question is:

Will you have peace around it?

Will you have time for other things that you care about in your life?

Or will you secretly hate your life?


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How To Make Money Fast


Notes from the Podcast:


You as a human being are infinitely valuable. If something happened to you and you went away, there’s no amount of money in the world that could bring you back. Therefore you are infinitely valuable. It’s just a matter of knowing how to convert your value into financial abundance for yourself.


You dishonor yourself. You’re worth more than the little scheme that you’re chasing after. But you’re settling because you’d rather have money fast than you would for a lifetime. This is a problem because we know that fast money does not last long.


You dishonor your family because you’re not creating anything worth passing onto them. Most people who get into these make money fast schemes find themselves hiding what they’re doing. They’re not telling people about it because they’re rightfully embarrassed.


You do a disservice to the world because you’re not creating a business that shares your gift. You’re so focused on going after whatever will pay the most regardless of whether you even have a “calling” for it. All you see is that other people are making money from it and you’re like, “I wanna make money too.”


The world never gets what it really needs from you, your special gift, because you’re so caught up in strictly focusing on ways to make money.


If you’re looking for ways to make money fast. Don’t. It’s not worth it. You can make money over time. You can make money eventually if you’re willing to put in the work and to put in the time. Everybody’s time is different.


At the end of the day, when it comes to using entrepreneurship to create a financial freedom, you have to decide what you want to build – a business or an ATM machine.


Businesses are financial organizations. They’re their own entities that create sustainable wealth that can be passed on for generations. ATMs dispense cash for a little while, but pretty soon they run out of money and they need to be refilled.


Ask yourself:


What is it that I am trying to build here? Am I trying to build an ATM or am I trying to build a business?


Focus on creating a business that provides real value, and over time, it’ll make money for you almost on autopilot. You’ll have to do work on it, but it’ll be a sustainable business and it will last. That will create so much happiness and satisfaction for you.


That’s the truth about how to make money fast.


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