How NOT to Be Broke All the Time

“I don’t have it.” “Eh…Money’s really tight.” “I wish I could but I can’t afford it.” “Girl, you know I’m broke!” *Sigh*. How often do YOU find yourself saying these ...

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“I don’t have it.”

“Eh…Money’s really tight.”

“I wish I could but I can’t afford it.”

“Girl, you know I’m broke!”


How often do YOU find yourself saying these words?

While it’s normal to find yourself low on cash for a season or two…it’s really troubling if these kinds of statement are your “go-to.”

Simply put, it’s not okay to ALWAYS be broke.

(Yeah, I said it.)

I know that seems like a strange thing to say – who wants to be broke?!?! – but I feel like I have to say it because I see far too many women who are silently “comfortable” with their “broke-ness.”

It reminds me of that time I lost one of my contact lenses and couldn’t order another box for 2 weeks. I had to walk around – and drive – with a contact lens in my right eye only. The first few days, I felt really strange and even had a mild headache as my eyes strained to see through the blurriness. But after a while, I totally forgot I only had one contact lens in because my eyes adjusted. I truly felt like I could see just fine! It wasn’t until I put in a fresh pair of contact lenses after my box finally arrived that I saw just how messed up my vision was before. I had gotten so used to walking around with distorted vision that when my eyesight was corrected, I was astounded by the difference. More importantly, had I not had a new box of contacts coming, I would not have had a sense of urgency to fix the issue because I had gotten used to navigating through my dysfunction.

Likewise, there are many women who have gotten so used to having no money for so long that they’ve gotten comfortable managing their financial dysfunction. Their money mindset has so adjusted to a state of always being broke that they no longer actively seek out ways to change their situation.

You can tell by listening to the subtleties of their statements.

“I’m always broke.”

“My job doesn’t pay me enough.”

“I can’t afford it.”

When someone (1) speaks in absolutes like that (“always”, “can’t”) and (2) assigns financial responsibility outside of themselves (“my job doesn’t pay” –i.e. it’s the job’s fault, not theirs), it’s a sure sign that they’ve gotten comfortable being broke.

This is dangerous because, as I stated before, ALWAYS being broke is not okay. Tightness in the budget for a season – you’re saving for a down payment on a house, you’re investing in your business, you just paid off your wedding – is expected but living your life with a continuous lack of financial “wiggle room” will very quickly pose some very serious problems.

For one, it’s hard to thrive if you’re always financially struggling to survive. And for two, personal and professional success takes time, energy, and yes – financial – investment. It’s very hard to go places in life if you never can afford the proverbial ticket to get there.

Always being broke is more than just “not cute.” It says you’re not serious about your dreams.

I know that sounds harsh because many people believe their “broke-ness” it not something they can control but that’s simply not true. We live in a day and age where there are nearly unlimited resources at our disposal – especially if you live in the Western world. If you drank safe, clean water this morning and drove to work on safe, paved roads, you already have more than BILLIONS of people living in poverty around the globe. And unlike them, you get to CHOOSE whether or not you want financial “wiggle room.” Yes, you have a choice of whether or not you want to be broke!

In today’s podcast, I share 5 major mindset shift you can make today to pull yourself out of a constant state of “broke-ness” and get to a place where, instead, you ALWAYS have financial breathing room. Click below to listen:

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