My May Monthly Goals + Income Report

  Welcome to my Monthly Goal Report! (Formally “The B-Side”) If you’re new, at the beginning of every month, I share my goals for the coming month, how I did ...


Welcome to my Monthly Goal Report! (Formally “The B-Side”) If you’re new, at the beginning of every month, I share my goals for the coming month, how I did with my goals the previous month, and lately, I’ve even been sharing income reports (eek!) as I work to grow my business and take this thing full-time!

“April showers bring May flowers.”

I definitely hope that is the case in the business world as April “showered” me with a lot of business success! In fact – April was my highest grossing month to date! So if this was April…I can’t wait to see what “bloom” in May. Take a look:


Total Income in April

  1. No Excuses Woman 21-Day Self-Discipline Program: $4,961.94
  2. Coaching: $2,608
  3. Think & Grow Chick Daily Success System: $1,930.00
  4. Sponsorship: $1,500
  5. The Big Goal Breakdown: $1,358.00
  6. The Get What You Want Workbook: $755.64
  7. Gifts: $215.00
  8. Launch Your Life Masterclass: $157.50
  9. Unblock Your Brand: $67.00

Total Income in March: $13,553.08

This clearly was a really good month! My audience grew significantly in April with the 7 Day Reset challenge and some of the other things I’m doing, so that definitely contributed to sales. I also felt more at ease with my routines and systems for ensuring a steady flow of sales. Still a lot of testing a tweaking left to do but I felt like April was the month where a lot of my “behind the scenes” systems really “hit.”

Last Report’s Goals

1. Fill my new mentorship program. I was successful in enrolling 4 new mentees in my 4-week Make it Happen Mentorship program. I’m actually wrapping up with them now; boy does time fly! I really enjoy helping women meet their personal and professional goals so I’m kinda wondering why I didn’t offer this program sooner! This is something I want to do every month, as long as my time allows.

2. Enroll 2 new clients in my VIP sales and marketing program. Close but no cigar! I spoke with literally maybe 50 women who are all interested but none of them were quite ready to pull the trigger in April. That said, I’m in talks with a few of them to get started this month, so I’m still happy that I put in the work I did in April. When it comes to 1-on-1 clients, I’m learning the goal is to stay in constant contact with prospective clients who are interested in your services. Some people take longer than others to make a decision to work with you, so it’s important to have a constant pipeline of potential customers who want to work with you.

3. Successfully launch my “life reset” challenge. Done! I even exceeded my target enrollment of 2,000. (Nearly 2,200 women joined!) This was way more successful than I anticipated – the number of emails I got from women disappointed that they joined late was crazy! Also, I was really pleased with the feedback I received from the challenge – many women had breakthroughs while participating and for that, I am grateful!

4. Get my new bookkeeper all setup. I only halfway did this. I did meet with the bookkeeper to go over the service and my type of business but she still needs to get me setup in Quickbooks and begin catch-up bookkeeping since January, as I’ve done my own bookkeeping up until this point. Looking at the numbers I did this month I’m like “Hmm..let me email the bookkeeper now!”

5. Keep up my fitness routine. Womp, womp! I’ve only been averaging 2 workouts a week which is way below my normal 4-5 days in the gym. I started off really strong at the beginning of the month but as things heated up in April, I found myself taking a lot of calls in the morning, afternoon, and evening, which are all times I would normally do my workout. To combat this, I’ve blocked out specific workout times in my calendar each day so no one can book appointments at that time. I didn’t want to have to do that – generally I was squeezing in the workout wherever it fit but I’m learning I need to be more intentional about when I workout every day.



This Month’s Goals

1. Fill my new mentorship program. The goal is to repeat last month!

2. Gain at least one prospect per day for my VIP Sales and Marketing program. As I mention previously, though I didn’t enroll anyone in April, I talked to a TON of women, many who expressed interest in getting started this month. I’m fairly confident I’ll get at least 2 women enrolled in May, so I want to focus more on systematically prospecting so that I have a full list of prospective business coaching clients ready to work with me in any month. Thus, I’m going to focus on designing a system that will attract at least one potential client per day who is interested in improving their sales and marketing. (P.S. – if you’re one of those women who has invested a ton of money with no results and you’d like to learn more about my sales system, you can sign up for a free assessment call by clicking here.)

3. Get my new bookkeeper all setup – for real this time! Seriously, I want reports in hand by the end of the month. I’ll be calling my bookkeeper today!

4. Setup the foundation for my new membership program. During one of my morning journalism sessions, I had a BRILLIANT idea for a monthly Think & Grow Chick membership program! I’ve very excited about it but before I can launch it, I need to setup an actual membership portal on my website. This month, I want to get all the tools and tech in place so that I can launch the membership shortly thereafter. Stay tuned!

5. Setup a clothing budget and begin building my TGC wardrobe. Recently, I was offered an opportunity that I can’t yet speak about but if it goes through, it would completely take my brand to the next level. In sharing this opportunity with my best friend, she immediately was like, “Omg! What are you going to wear! If this happens you would have to COMPLETELY step your style game up!” And she’s right! Even if the opportunity doesn’t go through, I am very much the face of my brand, so it’s important that I look polished at all times. Not that I don’t now, but I’m starting to get more speaking engagements (like the Powerful Women’s Weekend in Detroit this June!) and generally need a “Think & Grow Chick Wardrobe” that is appropriate for all these events. Because I’m so busy, I know this will never happen unless I budget for it and start shopping online, so my goal is to come up with a weekly budget I can put towards refining my “entrepreneur wardrobe.” This is yet another reason why I need to get moving with my bookkeeper ASAP.

Current Challenges

Wearing all the hats in my business. Though I do have an assistant, a web developer, and sales and advertising coach, sometimes I laugh at myself because in one day, I am literally standing in the role of like, 10 different would-be employees in my business. In any given day I am the CEO, the customer service rep, the sales rep, the project manager, the financial auditor, the tech support rep, the marketing director, the advertising account exec, AND the entire product development department! It’s hilarious but sometimes stressful because in addition to running the business, you have to get new business. If you don’t have a steady flow of new business coming in the door, then you don’t have a business. This can be very difficult to balance when you also have to run the business. Of course, I could always hire more people but I have to balance growing my business with keeping my expenses down. So it is a conundrum. Not sure how I’ll ultimately fix this but until I find a solution, I will keep plugging away!

Current Successes/What’s Working

Advertising. It’s a new day and age, boys and girls! If you are not REGULARLY SPENDING MONEY to promote your business, then you can all but forget about seriously growing your business. There is a reason why companies like Coca-Cola, Apple, and Starbucks spend millions and millions of dollars every year in various forms of advertising. Because the internet and social media are free, so many entrepreneurs believe the lie that they can just post pretty pictures on instagram all day and that will some how get them more followers and customers. The truth is, on a DAILY basis, you have to get in front of new potential customers. Posting status updates on Facebook and Instagram just doesn’t cut it anymore with the various algorithm changes. Unless you’re already starting with a large following, we are truly in a “pay to play” era. Because I have systems setup that allow me to advertise en mass a little to no cost, I am able to get my brand in front of large amounts of people quickly, which is why my sales and following is increasing. (P.S. – If this intrigues you and you want to know more about what’s missing in your business, you can sign up for a free assessment call by clicking here.)


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