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Tired of failing to reach your goals year after year? Learn how to not only set goals but break them down into manageable “chunks” you can tackle on a daily basis with this 5-part goal-setting masterclass!


Don't just set goals...achieve them.


Ever wonder how some women not only get it all done but make it look easy?

They cook, workout, dress fly, care for their kids, spend quality time with their boo AND have time todo what they love – all without breaking sweat.


How do they do it? While it definitely takes self-discipline to live a full, satisfying life, these “superhuman” women know that self-discipline is not all it takes.


What fulfilled women know (and frazzled women don’t!) is that picture-perfect success is not hard to create…in fact, it’s down right easy if you know where to start.

How great would it feel to not only get the day-to-day stuff done but to make MASSIVE progress toward your dreams too?


How different would your life look right now if you hit the gym, wrote your book, or worked on your business consistently? How much happier, healthier, and even wealthier would you be if you stopped saying “tomorrow” and turned your goals into a DAILY routine?


As John Maxwell famously said, “What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while.” The reason most women don’t have the discipline to consistently work on their dreams is because they haven’t broken their goals down into manageable “chunks” they can tackle in the first place.

I’m passionate about goal-setting because for years, I repeatedly FAILED at reaching my goals.

I was always taught to reach for the stars, so dreaming big wasn’t an issue but when it came to actually getting it done…I just couldn’t bridge that gap.
Everyone talks about writing your goals down. And for years, I did that.
Everyone talks about thinking positively and saying affirmations to yourself. For years, I did that too.
Everyone talks about making your goals public so that other will hold you accountable. For years, I was super transparent and wrote all my goals down on my blog. (I still do!)
But despite following all the common goal setting advice, I would end the year only marginally better (if that) than when I started. After doing the same thing over and over again (isn’t that the definition of a crazy person?) I knew something had to change.
The change I made that finally allowed me to make HUGE progress in my personal and professional life was this:


It’s so simple, I’m embarrassed I didn’t do it sooner. But once I did, the floodgates opened. And this year, I want the same for you.

Are you ready to stop giving your power away?

At the beginning of the year, I hosted The Big Goal Breakdown, an intense, 5-day goal-setting workshop teaching women how to break their goals down into manageable, overwhelm-proof steps. Over 1,500 women joined me for that training and took back the power in their lives. I taught them how to break down their biggest goals and make consistent progress toward their dreams.

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Introducing...The Big Goal Breakdown, a 5-part workshop to help you break down your biggest goals into overwhelm-proof steps

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What's Inside

In this workshop, you will learn:

The Big Goal Breakdown

  • How to choose goals you’ll actually commit to, even if you have a history of giving up after a few weeks or months
  • How to uproot any self-doubt and unbelief so you can achieve your goals without holding yourself back
  • My fool-proof method for achieving any goal, even if you don’t know the steps and don’t have a mentor to follow
  • A simple tactic for breaking down your largest, most long-term goals into something you can work on daily
  • How to increase your focus and create a list of action steps for any goal

When you join this 5-part training, you'll instantly receive 5 exclusive audios totaling over 2 hours of content, email reminders, and 5 custom worksheets!

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How do I access the training?

As soon as you purchase, you will get access to a private membership area where you can immediately access the content. You will also receive an email (sent from so check your inbox) that contains all the class details.

Is this a physical product?

No – this product is 100% digital which means you can access it at anytime, whenever, wherever! This also means you don’t have to pay or shipping or wait or anything in the mail – all the program details/content will immediately be emailed to you upon purchase.

How is this different from typical goal-setting trainings?

This is not your ordinary goal-setting challenge. Most goal-setting challenges focus on just that - setting goals - but they don't tell you how to break those big, beautiful goals down. If you don't break your goals down into manageable "chunks" you can actually achieve, you can forget about it this year. Since many people get overwhelmed at the thought of tackling their biggest desires, this workshop is designed to help you get clear on exactly what you need to do in order to reach your dreams.

What if I don’t like the training/it doesn’t work/it’s just not right for me?

I 100% believe in this program because it’s based on strategies I personally use day in and day out – including putting together this program! However, if you sign-up for either option and you’re not satisfied, you can request a full refund, no questions asked. Just email me at within 48 hours of purchase and I’ll quickly take care of that for you.

If I have more questions, how can I get in contact with you?

Email me anytime at!

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