Consistent Client Crash-Course

Tired of not knowing where your next client is coming from? Wish you have a proven, repeatable process for attracting clients and creating consistent income in your business? In this brand-new, comprehensive, 5-part course, I shows you the insider secrets to attract high-paying clients...consistently.


Stop getting clients on accident


A Tribe That Buys

How to get your target market to PAY
Module 1
  • Discover what your niche is really willing to pay for (its usually not what you think!)
  • Find out if you’re offering the wrong product or service and how to fix it ASAP
  • Learn how to eliminate the need to be “good at selling” because you’re offering something people already want
  • Discover the secret to coming up with products and services that are guaranteed to sell (no more guessing!)
  • Learn the three traits your niche MUST have if you want them to buy from you (this is alone is the biggest reason new entrepreneurs don’t make sales)
  • Discover my fail-proof “hack” for coming up with profitable product ideas in a crowded industry

Your Profitable Product Pyramid

How to turn one offer into a complete product *line*
Module 2
  • Discover my formula for creating products and services that practically sell themselves
  • Discover the secret to coming up with high-end, mid-tier, AND low-end products without changing your business model or having to hunt for new clients
  • Learn the 4 types of products and services EVERY business should offer (it’s difficult to make a full-time income without them)
  • Find out what you should offer at each price point and exactly what to charge
  • Discover how to turn your audience into an army of repeat clients that buy from you over and over again

Expert Status Secrets

Become go-to expert people can't wait to work with
Module 3
  • Discover the secrets to achieving expert status instantly, even if you’re brand new (I did this in 2015)
  • Learn how to creating a professional brand FAST…without professional help (i.e. no need to hire a web designer!)
  • Discover which brand materials you need right away and which ones can wait, allowing you to get up and running in a weekend, not weeks.
  • Learn the game-changing tactic that all but guarantees sales, even if you’re brand new and don’t have a website yet!
  • Learn how high-end clients subconsciously decide if your prices are “worth it” and what you must do to make sure they are

Content Marketing Machine

How to leverage social media to grow your sales, not your status
Module 4
  • How to leverage social media and free content to market your business and attract clients
  • Find out the real purpose of social media for an entrepreneur (hint: it’s not likes!) and how to use it correctly to attract clients and increase sales
  • How to come up with content topics for any social media platform weeks, months, and even a year in advance
  • The hidden formula successful entrepreneurs follow to ensure they always have something to post
  • How to create content for multiple platforms, all at the same timewithout getting overwhelmed

A System that Sells

Put your income on autopilot
Module 5
  • Discover the 3 core sales systems every business needs to make consistent sales + how to get them up and running quickly
  • Learn the simple, 3-step process for selling high-end packages, even if you’re brand new and have never sold anything before
  • Learn the secret to leveraging livestreams to attracting high end clients right from social media
  • Discover my personal product launch formula, which I’ve used to sell over $70,000 worth of ONE product in 3 days
  • Find out how to sell your products on auto-pilot via a passive income sales funnel
  • Learn how to set up a simple yet effective sales funnel step-by-step WITHOUT needing to use complicated tools or spend thousands on Facebook ads to work

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