Content Planning Crash Course

The more you show up online, the make more money you make. Period. But too many entrepreneurs fail to promote their business because they believe lies like "My life is boring," "My audience won't like this," or "I have no idea what to post." If you're ready to lower your stress and increase your sales by learning how to planning your content in advance, sign-up for this crash course.


Follow your plan, not your feelings


The more you show up online, the make more money you make. Period.

So why are so many entrepreneurs hiding behind their phones and keyboards, endlessly scrolling the work of others but never promoting their own?

“I have no idea what to post.”

“My life is boring.”

“My audience won’t like this.”


Sound familiar?

While these excuses feel legit, the truth is they’re just that – excuses.

To be frank, there are entrepreneurs who are far more “boring” who are making a killing in their business simply because they consistently post. #thiscouldbeyou #butyouplayin 🤷🏾‍♀️

You keep stopping and starting and stopping and starting…

…only to end up posting an awkward selfie with a vague explanation of your random hiatus.

There’s no need to keep going out like that. If you’re willing to follow a plan and not your feelings, I can show you how to create consistent, compelling content that attracts your target market online.

Introducing...My Content Planning Crash Course!

In this brand new Content Planning Crash Course, I will show you:

  • How to come up with content topics for any social media platform
  • How to plan content a week, a month, a quarter, and even a year in advance
  • How to plan your content in a flexible way so they can still improvise or switch it up in the moment
  • The hidden structure behind my content that helps me always have something to post
  • How to create content for Instagram, Instagram Stories, YouTube, my podcast, my newsletters all at the same time, without getting overwhelmed
  • Which tools and apps I use to keep everything organized
  • What I have my VAs do and what I do myself
  • How I plan my own photoshoots
  • How I create content that leads to sales (I don’t just post for posting’s sake!)
  • How I work with brands and incorporate their content seamlessly
  • The templates I use to create captions and written content quickly
  • …and so much more!

This is a LIVE virtual class happening at 10am EST on Saturday, February 8, 2020.

(If you can’t make it live, a replay will be provided.)

Content Planning Crash Course

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If you’re willing to plan your work, I can show you how to work your plan

No matter what I do or which “hot” marketing tactic I try, simply showing up online consistently ALWAYS leads to the most sales and the best results. Properly planning content not only lowers stress but it increases sales. When I commit to using this process to plan my content in advance, I’m able to:

  • Show up every day without feeling like my posts are “stupid” or like I have nothing to say
  • Be more consistent with Instagram stories, which increases my views and “swipe up” actions
  • Generally increase engagement and interest in my products and services (people start emailing me asking can they pay me! #realtalk)
  • Identify potential customers for new products and/or events
  • Come up with new product ideas and know right away whether or not they’ll sell
  • Promote more while annoying my audience less
  • Secure more lucrative brand deals and attract better sponsors
  • Grow my podcast and newsletter subscriber numbers
  • Make passive income sale from curious new followers check out my website and purchase products
  • Feel more purposeful when posting, knowing that it all ties back to my brand, where before I felt like I was “posting just to be posting”

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