Monetize Your Magic Course

Have an idea of WHAT you want to monetize but have no idea HOW? In this training, I share the secrets behind monetizing what you know and what you’re good at. Discover the monetization secrets that will work for YOU and get started profiting from your passion now!


Is your job your only stream of income?


When you rely on your job as your sole source of income, you’re essentially selling your skills and talents to one person

But when you learn how to monetize yourself OUTSIDE of your 9-5 (and again, if you love your job, keep it! You can do both…), the entire world becomes a potential customer for your skills and services, which is why your income potential is so much higher.

After being on this journey since 2009, and monetizing myself since 2015, here’s what I know for sure:

We are in a very unique point in history – if you don’t take advantage now you might miss out forever.

One of my favorite documentaries is the “Men Who Built America” series from the History Channel. In it, it gives a behind the scenes glimpse of how “titans of industry” like John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, J. P. Morgan (yes, he was a real person!), and Henry Ford ended up building these huge empires that have literally spanned more than a century.

While each of their stories are fascinating, the one thing they all had in common was that they simply took advantage of their era. Many people call them “robber barrons” because they exploited the fact that America didn’t have all the anti-trust and labor laws we have now, but the truth is, given the era, there were simply opportunities available to businesspeople back then that aren’t available now.

I have long believed that with the internet and accessibility of cheap marketing tools (i.e. Social media, mailchimp, etc) we too are at a unique point in history where it may NEVER be this easy to monetize yourself again.

Those who are taking advantage of what “the system” has to offer will be those who create wealth and a legacy that last for generations. And those who don’t? Well…they’ll be learning about those who did via a History Channel documentary.

Introducing...the Monetize Your Magic Masterclass

It is a fact that everyone can profit from their skills…the question is do you know how? Discover not only what you’re good at but how to turn it into a profitable income stream.

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Learn the HOW of "monetizing your magic" so you can stop watching from the sidelines and start playing in the game.

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What's Inside

In this 3-hour video masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to identify what you do well and where you stand out
  • In-depth strategies for applying each of the 10 “monetization models” to your business
  • Steps to take NOW to monetize your skills and start creating wealth for yourself and your family
  • How to overcome a stand still in your business, even if you already have digital products but still aren’t making the money you deserve
  • Practical, easy to follow steps to get started even if you don’t have an entrepreneurial bone in your body
  • What you should – and shouldn’t – be focusing on in order to make money online (even if you don’t have a lot of marketing experience)
  • The key to creating digital products that sell vs those that flop
  • How to estimate how much income a product will bring BEFORE you create it so you don’t waste your time
  • The online tools you need to get started

Monetize Your Magic Course

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