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Tired of being told that you can’t have it all? (Or worse, that you can’t have it all “at the same time”? 👎) How is it that women have successfully ...

"They" say you can't have it all. Don't listen.


Tired of being told that you can’t have it all?

(Or worse, that you can’t have it all “at the same time”? 👎)

How is it that women have successfully done everything from run for president to orbit space, yet we’re still debating whether we can have the business, the bank account, the bae, the baby, and the body…all without burning out?

If the #FutureIsFemale then why is “having it all” treated like a fairytale?

Now more than ever, women’s empowerment is hot. Yet for all our “leaning in” and “leading like a girl,” an alarming number of women are finding themselves depressed, anxious, and stressed out.

To make matters worse, many female leaders concede that this is normal. Apparently to get to the top, you have to be okay with dropping some balls along the way. 🤷

What if you could have it all…without it all falling apart?

You know…what if you could be one of “those” women who has…

  • …a profitable business AND a passionate marriage?
  • …a happy bank account AND a healthy body?
  • …crazy self-discipline AND killer style?

The truth is, you don’t have to make bank (or marry royalty) to live a balanced life.

I should know – after 2 years of exclusively focusing on my business, I watched my revenue grow to nearly half a million dollarsand the rest of my life fall apart.

Like a lot of millennial women, I falsely believed that if I could just make enough money and have enough businesses and side hustles going, it’d be able to do whatever I wanted. I’d have enough to work from my laptop on the beaches of Bali, take SoulCycle classes whenever I wanted, and rock designer bags whenever I wanted.

While that was my fantasy, my reality was 16 hour days hunched over my laptop while my husband was left with ESPN and a lukewarm Chipotle bowl to keep him company. Day after day, I told myself I “didn’t have time” for my friends, my family, or even myself. It wasn’t until both by business and my life hit rock bottom that I realized something had to change.

The secret to balance is “more than one”…

Out of sheer desperation, I started focusing on more than just my business, my finances, or any one area of my life. As a woman with multiple roles (wife, mother, business owner, etc) I realized I needed to cultivate multiple goals if I was ever going to find contentment.

Though it sounds counterintuitive, focusing on my whole life – even when it meant less time for my business – caused my business to drastically improve. Even better, I was working less yet experiencing more – more time with my loved ones and more energy for myself. Which is why I created…

The More Than One Club, a virtual membership for women who want to juggle ALL their roles and goals flawlessly


Inside the More Than One Club, you’ll get the knowledge and support you need to move yourself forward without other areas of your life taking a step back.

The above categories are what you will learn to master as a member of the More Than One Club!

If you’re ready to:

  • Have more time for yourself without giving up on your dreams
  • Get more done in less time with less effort
  • Have a relaxed “glow” about you that others notice (instead of a permanently furrowed brow)
  • Build a successful business without burning down the rest of your life
  • Learn how to invest and grow the income you already have
  • Increase your faith and grow in your walk with God
  • Learn how to become the queen of your castle while staying a boss in the boardroom
  • Improve your romantic relationship and deepen your bond with your spouse
  • Become healthier and learn how to make time to stay in shape
  • Cultivate your femininity and increase your sense of style
  • Discover your calling and learn how to pursue your purpose
  • Become the woman…not just business woman…you’ve always wanted to be…

Then the More Than One Club is for you!

What's Inside

The More Than One Club at a glance

Once you join the More Than One Club, you’ll receive access to:

Monthly Audio Trainings – Dive in to 6 new audio trainings each month to help you move forward in your Business, Personal Growth, Money, Faith, Self-Care, or Home Life! Each audio is an exclusive training NOT available publicly anywhere else!


Private Members Community – Looking to connect with other ambitious women on the same journey as you? In addition to the monthly trainings, your subscription gives you access to a private members community where you can connect with like-minded women online or in-person.


Exclusive Discounts – If you love any of the trainings featured in a particular month, guess what – you can add them to your permanent collection for 50% off!

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