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Tired of bumping your head on the dreaded "glass ceiling"? Learn the unspoken "rules" of success with this never-before released collection of book recommendations.


Tired of bumping your head on the glass ceiling?


If you’re good at what you do but you keep getting passed by, your issue may not be your performance as much as it is your presentation.

Yes, m’dear, looks do matter. Fortunately, to succeed, it’s not about looking like a fashion model as much as it’s about looking like a leader.

The truth is, some doors only open from the inside. You can have all the skills in the world but if you do not look like some who belongs in the room, you will never be invited inside.

Fortunately, all that’s necessary to present yourself in a better light is to learn the unspoken rules that everyone is the upper echelon follows.

If you can believe it, a lot of this information can be found in books! In this free guide, I list the 5 books you must read to learn “the rules” as well as how to polish yourself to attract better opportunities. Click below to access now:

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