Sold-Out from the Start: How to Come up with Products and Services That Sell

The complete guide to coming up with profitable product ideas and pricing them to sell.


Turn your information into Income


Are you good at what you do?

Do you have amazing skills but no one seems to value what you do?

The problem isn’t you but your package. Most entrepreneurs don’t know how to package their expertise into products and services that will sell.

Well they didn’t…until now.

How to Come up with Products and Services That Sell

Introducing...Sold Out From the *Start*

The information in this training was previously only provided to my 1-on-1 coaching clients. Once inside, you will learn:

  • How come up with product ideas customers will actually pay for (not every idea is a profitable one…)
  • How to conduct quick and simple market research, even if you don’t have an audience yet
  • The 6 fool-proof questions to ask to discover what your target market REALLY wants (hint: it’s not as simple as asking them “what do you want”)
  • How to create products that will sell out even in a crowded market (do this and you’ll instantly be ahead of the pack)
  • The 3-step checklist to ensure your product is something people will buy right away
  • How to create products and services if you’re passionate about multiple things
  • How to price your products so that you hit your overall revenue goals
  • How to take what you do and come up with offerings at every price point (why not capture the whole market, not just a segment?)
  • The actual prices you should charge, based on your specific market (no more wondering what to charge)
  • How to make more money through upsells, downsells, and cross-sells
  • The best way to sell high-end offers
  • How to “revive” poorly selling products and services
  • How to structure your funnels for automated sells
  • How to “test” product ideas so you know if they’ll sell before you even create them
  • How to “bundle” your products and services for increased sales
  • and so much more…

If you're tired of constantly launching new things that don't sell, stop struggling and start creating irresistible offers today!

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