The Powerhouse Lecture

Personal Development
Women today, with all their ambition, still don't know how to tap into their feminine power. In this informative talk, Courtney reveals how to play the game of life like a woman...and win! If you're ready to operate in your feminine power, download this lecture now!


It's time to start playing like a woman


The Queen is ALWAYS the most powerful piece on the chess board.

Are you playing the game of life like a queen or a pawn?

The truth is, ALL women have what it takes to be powerful in their lives. The issue is, women today, even with all their ambition, still don’t know how to tap into their feminine power.

If you’re tired of life “happening” to you instead of you happening to it, you do not want to miss out on this event.

Presented by Courtney Sanders, The Powerhouse is a recorded lecture on the various “powerhouse principles” women can use to amplify their confidence and start using their feminine power in every area of their lives.

The Powerhouse Lecture series is beyond “motivation”…it’s a movement. This lecture is for women who desire to become powerhouse ONLY. Those who are complacent need not apply.

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