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With my signature high-level coaching program, you can start experiencing online success immediately. Starting with an all-day strategy session followed by 1 year of follow-up support, you’ll walk away with the strategies and systems to grow your business on autopilot.


There’s a Reason Why You Haven’t “Figured It Out” By Now


(And No, It’s Not Because “Their” Business Is Better Than Yours…)

The truth is there is a SYSTEM to growing your brand and increasing your sales that you’ll never discover by listening to podcasts or downloading “freebies”…

(You won’t learn it through late-night website stalking either. But you already knew that…)

If you’re:

  • A new (or not-so-new…) female entrepreneur who is struggling to be seen, make an impact and most of all, make sales online
  • Trapped in a cycle of constantly announcing “sales” and discounting your prices in a desperate attempt to get SOMEBODY (anybody!) to buy
  • Posting/Tweeting/Streaming/Snapping your heart out but still seeing crickets when it comes to engagement and sales
  • Confused, frustrated and…a teensy bit jealous every time a new “6 figure” female entrepreneur pops up on your timeline
  • Kinda embarrassed that you’ve been at the same level for a while now and starting to wonder if this magical “$10K/mo” is even possible for you

You could be:

  • Growing your email list by hundreds of new subscribers every day without spending any money out of pocket, all while making sales at the same time
  • Standing out from “everyone and their mama” who does what you do online by quickly becoming known as a leader in your industry
  • Exploding your social media following and generate huge buzz around your launches and events
  • Receiving repeat business from a loyal tribe of followers who can’t wait to sign-up for whatever you put out
  • Finally earn enough to quit your day job which would give you the freedom to travel, work from home, and do all the things you’ve always you want to do

The only reason you aren’t experiencing this (and more!) right now is because no one has sat down with you and showed you “the game.”

When it comes to online success, there is waaaaay more to it than what you “see.” Blogging, posting on social media, sending out newsletters…all that is helpful but if you don’t have the underlying system that makes it all work, you’ll never make enough to replace your salarylet alone be one of those “big name” entrepreneurs doing 6- and 7-figures in sales.

I know this because I learned it the hard way. After spending a full 4 YEARS posting and tweeting my heart out but making exactly $0 per month, it was obvious I was missing something really important.

In a fit of frustration one day, I fell into a binge of late-night website stalking, hoping I could “research” what other successful female entrepreneurs were doing that I wasn’t.


“What does she have that I don’t?”

This was the question I asked myself as I clicked through every post, photo, and webpage. I knew I was good enough to be “one of them” but after spending hours looking through all their perfectly polished websites, I was no closer to discovering what I was doing wrong.

Exhausted and embarrassed by my own desperation, I remember standing up from my laptop, pacing the room, and blurting out loud to myself, “It’s like she’s playing a different game than me!”

Though I didn’t know where the words came from, the moment they left my mouth I immediately knew they were true.

The reason I wasted spent 4 years floundering while seemingly every new up-and-coming entrepreneur continued to blaze past me was because they were playing a different game than me.

I was playing the game of signup-for-every-webinar-free-download-and-email-list-and-try-to-figure-it-out-yourself while they were playing the game that real business women play: the game of investing in their business and getting expert support.

Though my intentions were good, my misguided resistance to investing in my business left me playing not to lose instead of playing to win.

After 4 years of getting nowhere, I finally hired a high-level coach who taught me that the REAL “game” of online business is SYSTEMS.

Within weeks of setting up these very specific systems, I:

  • Grew my email list from a couple hundred to a few thousand to over 20,000
  • Began generating thousands of dollars in sales including experiencing my first 5-figure months
  • Grew my social media from a few thousand to over 50,000 on Instagram and over 25K on Facebook
  • Sold my products and programs to more than 2,000 women, many of which have bought from me multiple times
  • Grew my private Facebook group from less than 100 people to a community of nearly 10,000
  • Landed several speaking engagements, including one at The White House (yes, that one!) where I spoke about entrepreneurship as a featured panelist
  • Was able to afford things I really wanted but had been putting off for years, such as overhauling my wardrobe and traveling around the country to attend conferences

Systems + Support = Success

(And sales…)

That’s the formula you’ve been missing, plain and simple. It’s the formula I took far too long to apply to my business because I truly believed I could figure it out on my own.

In fact, I find this hesitation is common with naturally smart and talented women – we think we can “beat the system” by putting the pieces together ourselves in order to “save money” and avoid investing. This is exactly why smart, talented women often take the longest to find success – we hold ourselves back.

What I didn’t realize until later was the 4 years I spent flailing was not just lost time and but lost income. Imagine where you be right now if you would have achieved the level of visibility and income you’re seeking years ago? (It’s sickening, isn’t it?)

If You’re Ready to Play a Bigger Game, I Can Fast Track Your Success…

With my signature high-level coaching program, you can start experiencing online success immediately. Starting with an all-day strategy session followed by 1 year of follow-up support, you’ll walk away with the strategies and systems to grow your business on autopilot.

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VIP Day Intensive

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What's Inside

A sample of what you’ll learn when we work together includes:

Position Your Products

Module 1
  • Learn how to come up with irresistible offers your audience can’t wait to buy
  • Craft a magnetizing opt-in freebie (“lead magnet”) that builds demand for your products and quickly adds thousands to your email list.
  • Discover how to position your products in just the right way to generate hundreds of dollars in sales on autopilot every day

Create Your Copy

Module 2
  • Lace your landing pages with personal but persuasive language so your audience not only subscribes, but buys
  • Get access to my personal library of templates so that all the hard work of writing copy for landing pages, sales pages, emails, and even facebook ads are done for you
  • Learn the different types of copy to use to increase sign-ups to your email list, services, and programs

Setup Your System

Module 3
  • Create set-it-and-forget-it automated email marketing campaigns that engage your tribe and enlarge your bank account
  • Setup 2 seriously secret tools (I don’t know ANY other other coach who knows about these – they’re like my secret weapons!) that will not only explode your sales but enable you to run ads for free.
  • Craft a “behind the scenes” sales process that causes people buy your products or services immediately – no more waiting around for a handful of sales to trickle in!

Advertise & Attract

Module 4
  • Easily design pretty AND profitable Facebook ads, even if you have no graphic design software and zero design skills
  • Make money on demand with Facebook ads just like the pro’s do – even if you’ve tried them before and feel like you wasted your time (unless a knowledgeable person trains you, you’re likely making these very costly mistakes…)
  • Setup up your ads in such a way where it’s almost like Facebook is giving you free money (how would you like to run ads for $0 AND make a $100 profit daily? I do this every day…)

Monetize & Maintain

Module 5
  • Learn the secret to pulling off lucrative launches and profitable promotions
  • Master the art of social media sales and effortless enroll clients into your higher ticket programs
  • Monitor and maintain your newly built system so it stays profitable for you for years to come

While Every Woman Deserves an Extraordinary Life and Extraordinary Business, Not All Women Are Truly Ready for a Higher Level of Success

I know that’s a strange thing to say but it’s 100% true. Since my work involves both business and life coaching, I’m often able to spot women who say they want success but in actuality, prefer to keep sabotaging themselves because they can’t get over their negative mindset.

While I have several programs and products to help women at all levels, I’m very specific about the kind of women I work with in this very high-value, one-on-one coaching program.

This high-level, 1-on-1 coaching program is for:

  • Women who have some experience in their business and are ready to take it to the next level OR Women who are new to business but understand the value of getting it right from the beginning
  • Women who see coaching as an investment and place a high premium on getting expert guidance that will “shortcut” their success
  • Women who are genuinely good at what they do and want to offer their talent to the world
  • Women who are tired of “hustling up” money in their business every month and want an automated way to attract clients and sales
  • Women who are open to learning new things and enjoy challenging themselves
  • Women who are comfortable taking risks and are willing to take a leap of faith to get what they want
  • Women who take action quickly and would rather do what it takes to achieve results now instead of wait for “someday”

This high-level, 1-on-1 coaching program is NOT for:

  • Women who are extreme beginners and need help coming up with a business idea in the first place
  • Women who more concerned with “saving money” in their business than they are with getting a return
  • Women who think they can solve their business challenges by watching free webinars and copying what other entrepreneurs are doing online
  • Women who routinely pass up opportunities because “it’s not the right time”
  • Women who are so financially strapped that they literally have zero resources to put into their business right now
  • Women who are “window shopping” for coaches and are not in need of immediate support
  • Women who need someone else’s permission to make financial decisions in their business
  • Women who are scared, skeptical, or are otherwise ill-equipped to get the results they want

If you know that this is for you, schedule a call to see if we’re a good fit:

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