Win Like a Woman

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A 7-day challenge for overwhelmed women who are ready to stop struggling and start succeed using their feminine strengths.


Trade your cape in for a crown


Playing the role of superwoman is exhausting.

The truth is, putting an “S” on your chest means carrying a lot of stress on your back. But what if there was a better way?

If you’re:

  • The “go-to” girl in your circle who is secretly burned out by trying to “do it all” 
  • Always fixing other people’s problems but resent that no one ever offers you any help
  • Seriously doubting if you can achieve your personal and professional dreams because you don’t have any more time to give
  • Struggling to maintain your health and sanity because you can’t keep all the balls in the air
  • Tired of going to bed feeling like you failed yourself and your family at the end of the day

You could be:

  • Receiving the support you desperately need without having to hire housekeepers, nannies, or a team of outsourced staff.
  • Holding it down at work and at home without “husting harder” or working more hours
  • Completely free from overwhelm and the need to “keep all the balls in the air”
  • Achieving your goals much faster while doing the opposite of what “gurus” tell you to do (hint: just tap into your natural strengths)
  • Experiencing the benefits of regular, real self-care without feeling guilty

The key to balance is not doing “more” but doing what you’re designed to do.

Everywhere you turn, online gurus are telling you to “grind it out” and hustle harder if you want success. While this sounds good on the surface, this approach creates only one thing for women: more stress.

I say “women” because this advice, though popular, really only “works” for men. Not only do men historically have LESS responsibilities at home which allows them more time and energy to “grind it out,” the vast majority not-so-secretly get a macho testosterone boost when they put their “hustle” to the test.

And hey – I’m not knocking it. If you’re a man and you love bulldozing your way to your goals, be my guest. 

But what about women?

Not only are most women already “hustling hard” at work, at home, and with their kids, excessive stress is scientifically proven to have a greater negative effect on women’s bodies than on men.

After 4 years of running my health, finances, and marriage into the ground trying to follow this advice, I finally realized the truth:

You’ll never “out man” a man.

In other words, it’s impossible to win a game you weren’t designed to win.

Thankfully, you don’t have to. You already have everything you need to achieve your dreams, your way.

After 4 years of trying to “man up,” I decided to start winning like a woman.

Because my life was already falling apart, I stopped everything.

I stopped hustling.

I stopped “grinding.”

I had nothing to lose.

For 2 years, I went back to the drawing board and started studying what it meant to succeed by operating in my feminine strengths.

After researching everyone from ancient queens to women in the Bible, I realize one thing:

Women don’t succeed through exhaustion but ingenuity.

Since the beginning of time, women have gotten what they needed not by using might but their minds.

“Might” is a man’s game – but a woman’s strength is strategy.

Once I started using my feminine strengths, I was able to:

  • Immediately cleared the chaos in my home and was able to easily handle domestic responsibilities (keeping the house clean, serving a home-cooked meal every night) without burning out
  • Get more done in my business in less time, all while creating more profitable opportunities
  • Receive more help around the house and in my business from my husband, all without asking or nagging him
  • Devote more time to my self-care, which allowed me to get back in shape and feel more “polished and put together” everyday
  • Create systems in my life and business that increased my overall productivity without increasing my working hours
  • Increase my confidence and eliminate self-doubt

…and more!

Feminine Strength = Freedom

(And fun!)

That’s the formula you’ve been missing, plain and simple. It’s the formula I took far too long to apply to my own life because I believed the lies promoted by our hustle-obsessed, male-centric culture.  


What’s most sad is that most of us were never taught these feminine tools by our mothers. They too, had to “hustle hard” just to make ends meet.


What I didn’t realize until later was the years I spent “grinding” was not just lost productivity but lost peace. Imagine what you’re life would look like if you started winning like a woman years ago.

If You’re Tired of Playing a Man’s Game, I can help…

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Win Like a Woman

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What's Inside

With my brand new live training Win Like a Woman Week, you can start experiencing the peace, productivity, and POWER you were made for.


In this 7-day challenge, we will cover:

The Secret to Systems

Day 1
Module 1
  • Learn the systems every woman MUST have in her life to create stability
  • Discover how to “stop the bleeding” and end the constant cycle of putting out fires
  • Find out how to make things “run like clockwork” without doing more work

Create Your Success Snowball

Day 2
Module 2
  • Discover how to achieve all your goals without overwhelm
  • Learn the proper process for tackling “more than one thing at a time” without killing your energy in the process
  • Find out how to align your goals to get more done with less effort

A Woman’s Guide to Strategy

Day 3
Module 3
  • Find out how to get what you want not by force but my femininity
  • Master the mindset all great women of history have used to achieve their dreams, even in the face oppression
  • Learn how to unlock your built-in gift for creativity and strategic thinking

Seeking Support

Day 4
Module 4
  • Discover how to FINALLY get the support you need so you can stop “doing it all” yourself
  • Find out how to use leverage (this is very powerful) to get others to willingly use their resources to help you achieve your dreams
  • Learn how to get the man in your life to automatically support you demanding or even asking for it from him

The Power of Self-Care

Day 5
Module 5
  • Learn the importance of self-care and how to use it to achieve your goals faster
  • Discover what REAL self-care is and how to make it a regular part of your routine
  • Master the art of balancing your needs with those who depend on you

Words from Winning Women

Day 6
Module 6
  • Gain access to exclusive interviews with 7- and 6-figure working women
  • Discover how to “achieve it all” without having to do it all
  • Learn their secret strategies to time-management, self-care, and more

Supernatural Supercharge

Day 7
Module 7
  • Discover what it means to live a Holy Spirit-led life
  • Learn to how to prosper by following the voice of God above all others
  • Find out how to live a supernatural life through the power of prayer

While every woman deserves to achieve success without struggle or strain, not every woman is ready to do what it takes.

I’m going to be frank with you: much of what I discovered in my 2 years of research flies in the face of how most women are programmed to think and behave.

While I enjoy creating products and programs for women at all levels, this program is not for everyone.

This in-depth, week-long, revolutionary coaching experience is for:

  • Women who are tired of doing things “the normal” way and are ready to try something different
  • Women who instinctively know that men and women are fundamentally different and are tired of going about life in a “gender neutral” way
  • Women who understand the value of self development and routinely financially invest in their personal growth
  • Women who are ready to do the inner work it takes and are not just looking for “more information” to consume
  • Women who understand that life is bigger than them, so their willing to surrender to what God has to say
  • Women who take action quickly and would rather do what it takes to achieve results now instead of wait for “someday”

This in-depth, week-long, revolutionary coaching experience is NOT for:

  • Women who are convinced that their lives will only change if they had more time or more money
  • Women who have bought into the lie that men and women are basically the same
  • Women who don’t value accountability or support and are content to try to figure everything out on their own
  • Women who want a quick solution and want others to do the hard work for them
  • Women who think the universe revolves around them and are not interested in a relationship with God
  • Women who are bitter and resentful about their current station in life
  • Women who routinely pass up opportunities because “it’s not the right time”
  • Women who would rather spend money on makeup, clothes, or going out that on improving their lives

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