We’ll help you earn an accredited life-coaching certification AND launch your first coaching package in 90 days - even if you don’t have a following, a website, or even know how to coach - or we’ll keep coaching you until you do!
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We not only help clients develop their own proprietary coaching methodology to get powerful results for their clients and stand out from the crowd, but we grant you a fully-accredited, internationally recognized coaching certification that you can place on your website immediately, further separating you from everyone calling themselves a coach.

So essentially, our company will guarantee you three key results… 


We will take the guesswork out of your niche and find a profitable target market and offer for you…
We’ve worked with thousands of coaches and have a front row view to what works and what doesn’t in the coaching industry. We save you from marketing the wrong offer to the wrong clients by coming up with the perfect niche and offering for you.


We’ll help you create your own unique coaching methodology AND grant you a fully-accredited, industry-recognized coaching certification in the process
We’ve found that before clients work with us, they either: 

1. Have never been trained on how to coach, which gives them massive imposter syndrome; or,

2. Only know the standard coach training that every other certified coach also knows, which turns them into a commodity


We will plug you into our pre-built, fully-customizable branding, website and client attraction templates.
So… I hear all the time: “I don’t have a social media following. My website isn’t built yet. Or I’m not good at sales.

”I’ll not only GIVE YOU my drag and drop, fill-in-the blanks branding, social media, website funnel, and email marketing templates……

but I’ve systematized everything so, after you start landing paying clients, you can hire someone to run it all for you.

By the end of this program you will be equipped to demonstrate proficiency using a globally recognized Coaching Competency Framework. You will be equipped to work internationally and have the certificate and coaching hours to prove it.

This will be completed through the course by the means of videos and material.
This will be completed through the course by means of coaching observation, supervisor feedback and group discussions.
You will practice what you have learned with either a buddy or with a safe client that has been assigned to you.
At the end of the program you will be required to have at least one client reference, this should be provided to you by one of the safe clients.
This will be explained in the next milestone. Your job is just to ensure you adhere to the guidelines.
This will be completed through the course by means of research, exercises, reading, reflective journaling, etc
We will provide you each with a supervisor. This will be monitored via a super vision log, learning record and the supervisor will provide you with a reference by the end of the program.
Near the end of the course you will be required to write a 500-1000 word assignment. This will be explained in detail in due course.
A continuous development record and learning record will need to be kept from the commencement of your coaching training and will need to be completed throughout.This will be explained in due course.

My dedication to upholding the highest standards of excellence within the coaching profession shines through in through in my accreditation program.

We will teach you how to coach and how to create a signature program, certify you with our accredited, industry recognized certification that you can showcase on your linkedin or social media right away,

we’ll do the research and hand-pick profitable niche options for you, AND give you our plug and play website templates, social media template, and sales systems.

And if for some reason you don’t walk away with a fully built coaching business, ready to receive paying clients - we will keep coaching you until you do!

Now, how can I offer such a crazy, results driven guarantee like this?

It’s simple - look at our track record

We’ve helped a burned-out physician, working long hours in a pandemic who was able to become a multi 6-figure FULL-TIME coach (yes - she quit her job as a doctor!) in under a year

…a frustrated educator, working for a school district become a FULL-TIME 6-figure leadership coach (yes, she quit her job too!) even though she thought her industry “couldn’t afford it.”

…a busy stay-at-home mom of 5 kids become a 5-figure per month relationship coach in 90 days, despite having to pivot her niche and start her coaching brand from scratch

Among many many others
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Remember, this is the exact process that:

…has allowed me to

become a “big name” in my niche, which means opportunities and clients come to me. I now get to have amazing experiences like traveling all over the world (I took clients with me on a retreat in Cape Town, South Africa and was flown out to a speaking engagement in Turks and Caicos).

…has enabled me to

afford support in my practice (I have a team of 10+ and counting!) AND at home (I have a nanny, a housekeeper, a meal prep chef, an interior designer, and a professional organizer).

… has given me

plenty of free time for my husband and two young children (I often take them with me on my travels!) 

…has helped me

become an investor with multiple rental properties and stock market accounts - all because I’ve mastered my Iconic Insight™ and I’ve helped others do the same.
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We’ve actually done what we teach our clients to do

Not only are many so-called certification programs lacking industry-recognized accreditation

But they don’t teach you how to build a business because they can’t teach you how to build a business - most of the coaches instructing those programs haven’t built a successful coaching practice themselves

I built my life and business coaching practice to 7-figures before the age of 35, using strategies NOT taught in life coaching certification programs.

And not only that but my team of coaches have built successful coaching businesses too!

On top of that, I’m a certified life coach myself with an actual industry-recognized accreditation

Now I’d love to explain exactly how this works and why we’re able to get such great results for ourselves and our clients so if you’re interested, click the button below and book a call and have us DEMO exactly how this would work for you
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When you understand your own “Iconic Insight™” and weave it into your branding, your website, your niche, your offers, your social media content - everything - it works like a lighthouse in a sea of sameness, consistently attracting soulmate clients who are already searching for the unique transformation that only you can offer.