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How To Consistently Attract Paying Clients Without A Big Following

This is the exact 5-step strategy I've used to become a full-time entrepreneur before 30
Learn how to consistently attract paying clients without a big following.
The #1 mistake coaches and industry experts make that keep them from getting clients
How to create an endless stream of clients on demand
The TRUTH about "big launches" and what you MUST have in place before you can do one
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I help moguls-in-the-making grow profitable personal brands, build wealth in months (not decades) & have it all!

After embarking on a personal development journey when she faced the prospect of not being able to finish her college education after losing her full-ride engineering scholarship, Courtney started a humble women's empowerment blog to share the self-discipline and time-management tips she was using to get back on track.

After publicly documenting those self-help strategies to successfully secure another scholarship, complete her degree, and land a prestigious post-grad job, demand for Courtney's advice grew and her online coaching brand was born.

Courtney then went on to build her online brand while working a full-time job, until it became so successful that she was able to quit her job in 2016.

I followed all the steps you outlined and upon rolling out my offering, I signed 4 clients in just 7 days, 3 for group coaching and one for 1:1 coaching!! Giving me a $8,000 launch.

April Stewart, Millionaire Money Coach

I have been implementing all my learnings every step of the way and I made my investment back today. I sold several low ticket and one high ticket client closing out the month at $15,500. I am completely at capacity now ...

April Little, Executive Career Coach

Courtney I did what you said, and got 5 students enrolled in a beta course I'm launching! I focused on my result, spoke to the pain and created urgency.

Dr Rashidah Leverett, Leadership Coach

I am the Next Big Name! 2 days ago I received a $7,500 pay in full from a new private client who said she wants to work with me because of how I show up!

Mounfiq Abu, Leasership and Mindset Reset Coach
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