Why settle for mere inspiration when you can have transformation?

Your audience doesn’t need more motivation; they need to be moved. If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

My Signature Speaking Topics

Women’s Empowerment

Have a group of women you’re looking to inspire to a new level of leadership? Let me craft a signature talk that will give women the tools they need to tackle their dreams with gusto, while maintaining balance in the process.

Personal Growth

Before you can lead others, you have to successfully lead yourself. Allow me to craft a talk to help your audience master their self-discipline, time-management, confidence, and more!


There is no greater feeling than making a living doing what you love! Whether your audience is a group of aspiring business owners or corporate leaders interested in applying “intrapreneurship” to their careers, allow me to share the tools that will help them maximize their gifts and talents in and out of the marketplace.

Money Mindset

True money management doesn’t start in your bank account…it starts in your brain! Whether your audience needs practical tools for managing their finances or help transforming how they think about money, I can help! Allow me to craft money mindset talk that will wow your audience today!


I believe that God created us all for a purpose – does your audience know theirs? Allow me to help your audience get clarity on their calling through a transformative talk rooted Christian principles.

I believe in the power of words.

Words have the ability to build up or break down. To incite or inspire. To transact or to transform.

Since 2011, I’ve had the privilege of using my words to spur audiences of women, minorities, and millennials toward the most important word of all: action. As an action-oriented yet down-to-earth speaker, conferences, corporations, colleges, and churches have all chosen me when they need their audiences to not just feel something but to do something.