Reach New Heights

Together let's create the life you've always wanted. You deserve it all, and you can have it.

Empowermentpreneur Masterclass


If you want to be seen as the inspirational “go-to” in your industry, you have to become MORE than just another coach or online entrepreneur.

The Secret Seminar

SEMINAR • $220

IMAGINE structuring your business in such a way that it had no choice but to make sales.⁠ This and so much more is just need to know "The Secret".

The Package

PACKAGE • $3,300

In this 3-week intensive program Courtney Sanders, a brand-building expert, shows you not only how to create packages that sell, but how to be THE PACKAGE that sells.

The Empowerment Empire

INTENSIVE • $1,220

In this life-changing training program Courtney Sanders teaches you to outshine any and all competition by embodying and monetizing YOUR message.

Consistent Client Course


In this brand-new, comprehensive, 5-part course, Courtney Sanders shows you the insider secrets to attract high-paying clients...consistently.

7 Day Mindset Makeover


Courtney Sanders teaches you how to beat self-doubt, fear and insecurity and develop the confidence to pursue your dream of starting a successful 6- or 7-figure coaching business.

Polished And On Point


If you find yourself repeatedly passed over for opportunities, your issue isn't a lack of performance as much as it is a lack of polish. If you're ready to groom yourself for the next level of success, join this training now.

Like A Boss


You'll learn how to maximize your time and hit your revenue goals. Discover how to quickly plan your business and profits...all without sacrificing your peace.